While ISC is primarily known for its construction expertise in the commercial interior and retail industries, ISC is also an experienced contractor capable of managing various types of civil work projects.

Most recently, project manager, Scott Seymour, completed a culvert.

The project took just 4 weeks from start to finish. Scott coordinated the design of the culvert with a local engineer and MSD. After permit drawings were produced, and a permit was obtained, the old culvert was torn out, and the construction of the new culvert began.

New footings were established, concrete pipes were installed, a retaining wall was formed, and concrete was poured. A rock fill quickly followed, which was then asphalted over. Final decorative stones surrounding the retaining wall were put in place bringing the project to completion.

Meanwhile, Matt Green, also a project manager with ISC, orchestrated the complete demolition of an abandoned building, which he then would go on to develop into a parking lot. This project also required insight from an engineer, permitting, grading, and asphalting.

ISC has overseen a multitude of parking lot projects in its 36 years of business.

See photos for both projects referenced in this article below.